Aimee Trujillo

Aimee King is a native to Colorado Springs, CO. She enjoys hiking, spending time with her 7 kids, no worries 3 of them are furry and four legged. She believes life is short and that each moment should be lived to its fullest. Aimee feels very passionate about serving her community and those around her. She has been practicing as an RN since 2008 and has worked with the geriatric population primarily teaching them about their disease processes and teaching them how to remain in their home as long as possible, homecare being her true passion. Aimee fell in love with homecare and all it offered to the client, but especially enjoyed working side by side with the CNA’s. It is through these experiences that she desired an avenue to ensure that caregivers had an opportunity to learn the tools needed to successfully enrich their clients day to day lives, but also to learn to be the eyes and ears of the healthcare team. Aimee joined with Dr. Steve Rubin, with a desire to bring about a nurse assistant program that offers extensive hands on experience to the student, ensuring confident skills as they enter their new career. She offers a unique perspective as teacher, life has given her the ability to see from the patient side and family side. This ability gives a well rounded look at the role and importance of nurse assistants and their growing responsibilities in our growing healthcare field.

Sheri Martinez

Native of Colorado Graduated from St. Mary Corwin School of Nursing in 1962 in Pueblo Hospital experience after being board certified included ER, Critical Care, and Supervision of the General Hospital in Pueblo Psychiatric Nursing at Colorado State Hospital. Included Drug Detox and Forensic Nursing in Pueblo Certified Oncology Nurse working in that specialty for 15 years at a large multi-specialty physician group in Pueblo. Director of Patient Clinical Services in Home Health Care for 15 years in Colorado Springs. Have experience in teaching and supervising CNA’s in the majority of my nursing years. The majority of my years in nursing were in leadership roles. My goal in nursing has always been, and still is, providing quality care to all patients that are in my care and the care of all my staff. It is my privilege to care for those who may have needs, and I hope that I do make a positive difference in their lives.

About CAVT

The CAVT is a private organizational school. It is fully licensed by the State of Colorado and Accredited by the U.S Department of Education. Some forms of federal students & course offered.